Client Name

Ford Urban Mobility

Date of Work

2009 – present


Lexington was engaged by Ford to support the implementation a series of projects across London focused on the future of urban transport, including an electric vehicle sharing scheme, a parking technology solution, and a dynamic ride-hailing platform.

Lexcomm Approach

Our overall approach was to help Ford build a positive profile with policy and political audiences and to put them on the front foot in terms of engaging with the environmental agenda.

Our work twinned senior level engagement with TfL and Ford internal stakeholders with local engagement with residents in boroughs where the projects were being tested.

We created a ‘policy bible’ on London and UK urban mobility trends which was kept up to date with emerging issues, which was then used as a basis for selecting cities and boroughs for the pilot projects. Through this process we facilitated six strategy sessions between senior Ford stakeholders and management consultants to input on a global urban mobility engagement strategy.

On local engagement we drafted materials for Islington residents and councilors as one of the pilots was going live. Through this we ran a separate consumer engagement project, managing street teams of canvassers, running community events and liaising with community groups. This was to ensure maximum sign up to Ford’s pilot project in the borough.

The test projects were a new business area for Ford, and it was our also role to ensure that the project updates were delivered back to the Ford’s UK senior leadership. We presented findings back to Ford’s UK management team on a number of occasions, providing reputational advice on the future of the projects. We also seconded a member of staff into Ford’s sustainability and planning projects team to work alongside Ford employees to ensure internal and external stakeholder expectations are met, and that the delivery of the project ran smoothly.


All of the projects received a soft landing in the capital, and delivered a number of learnings back to Ford. Through our on the ground work for the Ford Smart Parking App, hundreds of residents across Islington signed up to the pilot scheme, with no negative press or political coverage.