Lloyds Banking Group




The Responsible Business team at Lloyds Banking Group asked Lexington Communications to work with them to develop their education and skills strategy. Historically, the Group had  a  number of education and employability programmes which were competing for visibility both externally and internally, but these had not been woven into a coherent strategy.  Consequently, the Group had a challenge in articulating its policy position and the rationale for its engagement in the education and skills space.


Lexington worked with Lloyds to advise on best practice in the development of a new education and skills strategy for the group. The first step of the process was to conduct a comprehensive policy audit of the education and skills landscape and map that across to the Group’s key strengths and ability to add value. Key themes were identified through this process and a narrative developed around them.

The second stage of the process involved a thorough review and evaluation of the Group’s existing education and skills initiatives. Recommendations were made on which programmes should be prioritised, which deprioritised and which wound down. It was also clear that one programme in particular should be developed and prioritised to give it more reach and impact. Lexington worked with the team to refresh the branding of this initiative, expand its remit, and pilot the new approach in Yorkshire and Humber. This allowed the Group to deepen its relationships with key stakeholders in an area that is of particular historical importance to the business.

Finally, Lexington assisted Lloyds in raising awareness of the new strategy both internally and externally.


Lloyds Banking Group now has a defined education and skills strategy, which is closely aligned to the latest policy thinking and supported by a clear narrative for use both internally and externally. The Group is also in a better position to promote its flagship programmes, some of which have been reviewed and refreshed in order to strengthen their social and economic impact.