Nat spoke passionately about the extraordinary pressures on teenage girls, both academically and socially, and how girls without professional family connections find it harder to progress into the world of work and realise their ambitions. In matching with a mentor, girls are not only given access to new opportunities, but also the confidence to seize those opportunities and the skills to thrive in them. She gave a plethora of examples of pairs she had matched, noting that 97% of mentees said they had improved their confidence and 73% said the programme had helped them focus at school.

Lexington staff are now hoping to sign up and become mentors themselves to share their wealth of experience in PR and Public Affairs. We are also further growing our relationship with the Girls’ Network, by supporting them in pro bono work to develop materials to support their communications.

In addition to our work for major corporates and organisations across the spectrum, at Lexington we believe in helping important causes that lack the resources to fund campaigns but need to effect change.

In the five years since Lexington launched our pro bono practice, we have supported almost 40 clients. We have campaigned to secure a ban on the ivory trade, worked with child poverty charity Magic Breakfast on a winning bid for a Government contract funding school breakfast provision, coordinated a nationwide campaign drawing attention to violence against women, and enabled health campaigners Group B Strep Support to raise awareness of a life threatening infection in newborn babies. We’re always looking for great causes to support.

If you are part of a charitable enterprise and would be interested in a free initial consultation to discuss a campaign, or any other strategic matter, we would be delighted to arrange this. To organise this, please contact