Intelex Consultant Juliette Gerstein takes a look at the latest Labour candidate selections.

In the midst of the media focus on Syria and the Lobbying legislation, you may have missed the announcement of several more Labour candidates in the past few days. Of course, you may not have come across many of the individuals selected recently, but some of the names may sound quite familiar.

Recent additions to the Labour PPC contingent include Will Straw, the son of the former Foreign Secretary, whilst David Prescott, son of the now Lord Prescott, and Euan Blair are still looking to secure seats of their own. Emily Benn, the granddaughter of Tony Benn, and niece of Hilary is also looking for a seat, while there are suggestions that Joe Dromey whose parents Jack Dromey and Harriet Harmann are both MPs, and Georgia Gould, daughter of the late Labour strategist Philip Gould, are also in the running.

 Is this a problem? Whilst it’s hardly surprising that children show an interest in the careers of their parents, or that those exposed to politics their whole lives want to play a part in it, one could ask questions about the Labour Party if their 2015 candidates look to be very similar to their Cabinet less than 20 years before. If this was the Conservative Party, one would expect Labour to be criticising their opponents for seemingly focusing on who you know, not what you know.

 Labour have already faced questions about the role of the Unions in their selection process. Could the next story be about the role of the candidates’ parents?