“After a decade of austerity, we have to recognise that more money for the NHS will not fix things overnight. A key constraint will be the need for more staff; it’s no good investing in more scanners or beds or drugs without the doctors, nurses and others to deliver the care. There are some things we could do straight away, like bringing back nursing bursaries for mature students and moving pharmacists and physiotherapists into positions of wider responsibility. But we also need a long-term training and retention plan to address the underlying shortage of qualified nurses and GPs.”

John Appleby
Director of Research and Chief Economist, The Nuffield Trust


Whilst it won’t solve all the NHS’ problems, more money is certainly welcome. My advice to the NHS would be to view new funds as an investment to build the foundations for future success, rather than as a stop-gap to plug current funding gaps. My priorities would be to:

1 – Sort out the labour supply side in key shortage areas, this will pay dividends in the longer term;

2 – Consider the preventative agenda, the Marmot Review is as fresh today as it was in 2010;
3 – Invest in innovation where there is good efficacy and effectiveness evidence.”

Mike Burrows
National Co-Ordination Director, AHSN Network