Dr Andrew Goddard
Registrar and Incoming President, Royal College of Physicians:

“My priorities would be (in no particular order):

  • Increase in social care funding to enable more facilities and better transition for people who need social care to prevent them having to stay in hospital due to lack of availability of appropriate social care
  • Investment in projects that bring care closer to the patient in the community to reduce pressure on hospitals, particularly those focused on the frail older person with multimorbidity
  • Increase funding for more medical students as current numbers will not cover retirements and working patterns in 10 years’ time let alone the shortfall in doctors we have now and the increased demand that will occur year on year
  • Create a ring-fenced pot for the preventative and public health plans laid out in the STPs as this is a relatively small proportion of the STP budgets but will have the most impact long term. I am not a great believer in hypothecated taxes but prevention and public health always seem to lose out in health budgets
  • Bring back bursaries for nurse training”.

Saffron Cordery
Director of Policy and Strategy and Deputy Chief Executive Officer, NHS Providers:

“From the perspective of frontline trusts up and down the country, any new funding needs to be prioritised to meet three key challenges:

First – keeping the ship upright – making sure that hospitals, mental health, community and ambulance services are able to meet national standards, repair their buildings, invest in key infrastructure, meet pay commitments and boost their workforces to get them on the right path for the future.

Second – widening the net – investing in the whole health and care system – including social and primary care, mental health services and services delivered by community trusts – as the key to sustainable services given the demography driven demands we face.

Third – changing course – planning and delivering the necessary structural and cultural transformation to ensure we use every pound of tax payers’ money effectively and efficiently.”