Rethink Mental Illness is a leading charity provider of mental health services in England. It provides information, services and a voice for everyone affected by mental illness with the aim of challenging attitudes and changing lives.

Emily sparked a great conversation about positive and negative stress, and the tools available for us to manage stressful situations. She gave us strategies for managing our time and packed schedules; in a fast-paced and busy environment like Lexington, it’s essential to remember to take time out, and balance workloads to ensure we’re best possible version of ourselves.

We were reminded to check in with each other, and watch out for signs our colleagues may need more support, especially as managers.

We also talked about the overall cost neglecting mental health has for businesses and how the Stevenson Farmer Review put the estimated annual cost to business of neglecting mental health support at between £33bn-£42bn per year. The Review estimated the wider cost to the UK economy cost to be as much as £99bn, representing 2% of GDP.

We are very grateful to Rethink Mental Illness for their training and we are delighted to have played a part in the national conversation about mental health this Mental Health Awareness Week.

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