Significant issues now need to be resolved concerning the UK’s access to the single market, its membership of the European customs union and the creation of new trading links with the rest of the world. Questions also arise about the future of policy and regulation in key sectors which have been governed by EU rules for the past four decades.

Lexington can help business to understand the Brexit process and engage with the new machinery of government. Our dedicated Brexit team, comprised of senior staff from across the business, can provide comprehensive coverage of Westminster and Whitehall activity and insight into the direction of Government policy. We can advise on threats and opportunities, have expertise in scenario planning and specialise in the development of effective communications. We can also help to devise and facilitate political engagement strategies underpinned by extensive stakeholder mapping.

If your business is impacted by Brexit, Lexington has the expertise and experience to help you respond. For more information as to how we can help you navigate the uncertaintly, please contact Declan McHugh.