Corporate Responsibility

More and more companies are making a strategic decision to ensure their business model strengthens the communities, economies and environment around them. Trailblazers are moving away from philanthropy and fundraising towards transforming their business strategy so that it is about making money and making a positive, sustainable contribution to the world. In a time of public distrust towards big business, this approach can help strengthen reputations, as well as enhance employee and customer satisfaction.

Our approach

With an increased focus on social impact, there is a greater need for corporate responsibility teams to be aware of the latest policy and legislative changes and engage with relevant stakeholders.  Lexington Communications is home to a number of social policy experts, with a deep knowledge of education, public health and sustainability issues, and is well placed to advise clients on the best way to engage with stakeholders to ensure their business activities are ahead of the curve when it comes to the very latest regulatory and policy developments.

We are also experts in the third sector and regularly advise clients about their community programming, helping with strategic alignment to business objectives, and ensuring initiatives are having a demonstrable socio-economic impact and delivering the reputational benefit the organisation deserves.

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