From online news channels to the dissemination of content on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, it has never been more important to ensure that you have digital at the heart of your communications strategy. Lexington understands that not all businesses and organisations have the capability to be ‘always-on’, or to undertake deep engagement on social media…but we also believe that failing to consider the online aspect to your communications strategy is a recipe for failure.

Our approach

We understand that all clients are different, and will require a different approach to digital. We believe that the fundamental questions at the heart of online communications are ‘who?’, ‘what?’ and ‘why?’ – who are you trying to reach, what are you trying to make them think or do, and why therefore should you undertake digital work? By investigating and interrogating these issues, we can deliver an approach which works for your business, to deliver anything from a full digital strategy to a bespoke website for your campaign.


Our digital framework

Our framework is based on putting a client-focused strategy at the centre. We create this by:

  • Auditing a client’s digital footprints;
  • Mapping their stakeholders online;
  • Finding those individuals and organisations who engage with and influence their stakeholders as well as those who create the prevailing ‘weather’;
  • Reviewing the online environment clients face – assessing the risks and opportunities of engaging online;
  • Creating plans for emergency and crisis communication situations;
  • Benchmarking against competitors and potential partners.

We bring your digital strategy to life by:

  • Adapting your messaging for social media and digital platforms;
  • Creating the right content for the right platforms and forums;
  • Ensuring your content is gathered in the best place, whether on social media or on a standalone site;
  • Executing a proactive engagement plan focused on stakeholders;
  • Monitoring these groups and platforms;
  • Considering paid-media across social platforms to augment your campaign and target the right audiences;
  • Developing engaging content appropriate to your target audiences;
  • Offering bespoke training to support clients in delivering their own digital engagement.