Public Affairs

As the UK negotiates its exit from the EU, and with the prospect of further regional devolution and ongoing demands for more autonomy for Scotland, organisations face a changing and challenging political and regulatory landscape. In addition to this, the nature of modern communications, including the 24-hour news cycle, a fragmenting newspaper industry, and the demands of social media, has introduced new hurdles for organisations looking to engage with public life. As a result, they need tailored advice that covers the full gamut of communications disciplines.

Our approach

Lexington remains proud to be the UK’s top independent public affairs agency. In order to assist clients with all their political and communications needs, we offer a comprehensive range of regional and international support options. We also work closely with specialist partner agencies in the UK to meet all our clients’ needs.

Our people come from a range of political backgrounds, and are able to assist clients to cut through the political ‘noise’ and really get under the skin of who and what really matters to their issues.

We take a rounded view of the public sphere, and work to take advantage of our deep understanding of how the media, public and political audiences influence on another. We are adept at tackling difficult or major issues on a daily basis on behalf of our clients.

We help companies actively manage the business and reputational risk the political process generates.  To do this, we:

  • Create and maintain a positive profile through long term public affairs programmes and driving targeted political campaigns to change the existing policy landscape
  • Provide reliable insight and political intelligence about public policy development at all levels of government, Parliament, the devolved assemblies and local government
  • Ensure our clients’ messages are conveyed effectively by developing effective briefing materials and targeted contact programmes and by staging events, receptions and conferences
  • Generate an evidence base using economic, consumer and political research as a platform for engagement with government, regulators and the policy community
  • Provide input on all aspects of the legislative process from detailed analysis of a proposed Bill or Order, to developing effective lobbying strategies around them
  • Assist in drafting responses to Select Committees and policy submissions to White or Green Papers, as well as helping witnesses prepare for live hearings

Our government relations capabilities extend beyond Westminster and Whitehall, to include the Scottish Parliament, the National Assembly for Wales, the Stormont Assembly, the English regions and an increasing number of statutory bodies. We also work closely with associates in Brussels to provide support for clients with an interest in the European Commission, Parliament and other EU institutions.  We are a member of the Fipra network with offices in Brussels and member states across the EU.

We are members of the Fipra network of public affairs consultancies across Europe

We also work with affiliate agencies specialising in Financial PR, Consumer PR, Corporate Responsibility and Industrial Relations.

Lexington is a member of the Association of Professional Political Consultants (APPC).