The Changing Healthcare Landscape

Given the wide-ranging reforms and continuing financial constraints across the NHS in England, the nature of policy-led healthcare communications has changed. Lexington Health works to maximise impact for our clients in this ever-shifting landscape – not only in England but also in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

A Differentiated Approach

With the move towards greater local devolution, alongside regional empowerment and accountability, we have adapted and shaped our approach to combine a clear national strategy with focused, regional and local-level engagement. Working with our specialist health colleagues at Lexington North in Manchester we are uniquely placed to provide integrated national and regional insight, support and advice.

Lexington Health also works at an international level, supporting clients from around the globe. We are skilled and experienced in leading pan-European work and have coordinated various campaigns across Europe. We also work with international clients beyond Europe and have coordinated a number of projects spanning different continents. When necessary, we are able to draw on our network of key partner agencies.

Deep Expertise

Lexington Health’s knowledge and experience in strategic communications, and our detailed understanding of the healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical technologies landscape, enables us to assist clients in dealing with the difficult and complex issues facing their organisations. We understand the need for concise, consistent and coherent engagement and utilise our political, policy, media and campaigning skills to achieve this.

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We are committed to providing our clients with a seamless offer in an increasingly complex healthcare environment.  If you’d like to know more about what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch – contact