Information moves faster than ever before – which means a crisis can hit before you know it. Whether it be an operational issue causing customer complaints, a mis-delivered message making waves, or a Twitter storm that simply won’t die down, the media’s insatiable appetite for news means that there is always a crisis being played out somewhere.

Our Approach

Our consultants have extensive experience of managing crises in the media, across a range of sectors and jurisdictions. Our multidisciplinary approach means that we have specialist expertise in dealing with an array of audiences, from political stakeholders to trade unions, through a variety of channels.

We believe that the best way to manage a crisis is to be prepared – while we can’t predict everything, we can certainly work with you to ensure that you have systems and steps in place to manage your reputation when the unexpected occurs. From scenario-planning and message preparation, all the way to working with you to stress-test and improve your own internal protocols and processes, we can help you ensure that your business is ready for anything.

Once a crisis is in train, we can assist you with monitoring and analysis of a developing issue, helping you ensure that you are taking the most suitable steps to mitigate any negative developments; we can help you craft strong responses and engaging content to ensure that the message you want to be heard reaches those you want to hear it.