Understanding the personalities, their priorities, and the wider political environment in the city is now critical for many of Lexington’s clients. We help them with a range of activity from informing policy and securing media coverage, to engaging decision makers and public bodies such as Transport for London. Our team also provides valuable intelligence, insight into decision making, counsel on strategy and developing the relationships that modern communication requires.

With the devolution agenda driving power towards City Hall, the Mayor of London and politics across the city play an increasingly important role in business planning. In addition, many interest groups, the public and private sectors, are important to London’s life. They must be considered as potential partners and peers for any business seeking to play a role in the capital city.

Although the fields of transport, housing, property, technology and culture are particularly important in City Hall, Lexington can provide expertise from many sectors. We also offer experience working with every London borough, from high profile development projects to grassroots community engagement.

For more information and to discuss how we can help you, please contact Francis Mallinson.