The growth of political commentary on Twitter and other social media means that politics is more fast-moving than ever. Whether you’re a major corporate or a small NGO, you need to know how political developments affect your organisation and staying on top of that information can be overwhelming.

Our approach to political intelligence is different to that of specialist monitoring providers. We focus on interpreting information, adding value and insight, and saving the time of our clients by sifting and analysing information from an ever growing range of sources.

We have a dedicated team of consultants working cross sector, whose focus is on identifying, analysing and providing summaries of unfolding political, parliamentary and policy developments. Every email you receive will be specifically designed for you – a unique model within the public affairs industry.

We will:

  • Focus on the issues that count and filter out superfluous information
  • Deliver short summaries that are easy to digest and circulate to a wider distribution group
  • Provide regular high level summaries of general political developments
  • Deliver updates in a format that suits your needs
  • Act as an early warning signal for key developments

For further information, please contact Declan McHugh on