The growth of political commentary on Twitter and other social media means that politics is more fast-moving than ever. Whether you’re a major corporate or a small NGO, you need to know how political developments affect your organisation and staying on top of that information can be overwhelming.

Why use Intelex?

Lexington’s own in-house political intelligence service, Intelex, uses a unique online dashboard allows you to keep track of developments as they happen. Timely alerts with expert insight helps you understand the implications for your organisation.The Intelex dashboard and mobile app can help you keep track of key developments in real time whilst our expert analysis will help you understand what really matters. We cut out the noise, provide tailored intelligence and add insight, leaving you to get on with your job. 

Follow @IntelexIntel on Twitter for up-to-the-minute political news and analysis.


  • Expert analysis: Our expert team understands politics and can identify the issues and developments that matter to your organisation.
  • Personalised service: A dedicated member of the Intelex team will filter and interpret political developments, providing tailored analysis.
  • Extensive coverage: The team track a wide range of political sources including Parliament, Government, stakeholders and Twitter.
  • Real Time: The Intelex Dashboard updates immediately so you can keep track of breaking developments as they happen.
  • On-the-go: The Intelex app lets you easily access your dashboard on-the-go, with instant alerts for essential “Intel”.
  • Bespoke reports: Enjoy live alerts to your phone, device or computer and select from a range of tailored email reports.

For more information about our political intelligence practice, as well as our monitoring services, contact Matthew Field.