The issue

Many organisations lack the expertise and resources to fully achieve the political, media or digital impact that their causes deserve. Advice and support from experts in the policy and communications sector can be invaluable in enabling small organisations and third sector groups to get their voice heard and contribute to the public debate.

What we do

Lexington delivers hundreds of hours of free advice every year in order to help these clients strengthen their public affairs activity and do more with less. Lexington staff are available to advise on specific projects or campaigns, and also on an ongoing basis. Pro Bono work is led by Alice Wood, who has substantial professional experience of the charity sector.

How we do it

Support offered to pro bono clients is tailored according to need, but in general Lexington’s Pro Bono activities cover three distinct areas:

Lex: Campus

Policy workshops for charity representatives working in the same sector, for example health or education. These are delivered by Lexington’s own in-house experts, with input from relevant high-profile external speakers.

Lex: Change

A support package for specific projects and campaigns, including some or all of:

  • Government affairs or media training
  • Political, media and digital campaign design and delivery
  • Monitoring the passage of major legislation, debates & political milestones
  • Issues and crisis management

Lex: Coach

The opportunity for third sector staff to receive mentoring from one of Lexington’s in-house experts, including:

  • One‐to‐one meetings
  • Ad hoc advice on the telephone
  • Coaching
  • Strategic support at events and stakeholder meetings

For more information about Lexington’s Pro Bono programme please contact