There are four key elements to our approach:


We never forget that we are a people business and we are clear about what we demand of our staff:

  • That they understand the commercial perspective that our clients must apply to their projects at all times;
  • That they are proactive in their management of our clients’ projects;
  • That they are team players: Our clients’ projects succeed when our work is integrated with that of the planners, architects and others on the project team;
  • That they understand local councillors, residents and other stakeholders and talk to them regularly. An appreciation of other people’s point of view is crucial to delivering results for our clients.


Planning is political. Every planning application must be seen through this prism if we are to provide our clients with the best advice.

Community Consultation

Consultation with the local community must provide us with a thorough understanding local people’s perspective. Our aim is always to generate constructive discussion around our clients’ proposals.


The way that people communicate with each other and engage with the world has changed fundamentally over the past ten years. Digital must therefore be built in to any programme of communications for our clients – we have experience using a combination of digital and social tools to achieve proven results.