Public opinion & engagement

Politicians are under increasing pressure to demonstrate mindfulness of public opinion. Without public support, policies fail. It has never been more important for businesses to engage not just with politicians, but with the wider public they serve.

The new role of public sentiment in shaping policy is both an opportunity and a threat for businesses. Campaigns which successfully capture public sentiment can fast-track legislative reform. Businesses which cite evidence of public backing can strengthen their mandate when approaching decision makers. On the other hand, consumers, through social media mobilisation, now act as powerful interest groups which can quickly pose a serious challenge to sectors and companies.

Businesses can make the most of these opportunities, and minimise threats, by factoring public opinion into their strategy. Stakeholders can pursue their mission with greater authority if they are shown to have the public on board. Insight into how social attitudes are changing over time can also help businesses adopt future strategies which adhere to these attitudes, reducing their risk of product irrelevance or a public backlash.

Our Approach

Lexington’s social research offer supports businesses with the design and delivery of strategies to measure, engage, and build public support. Drawing on our research expertise, we work with clients to identify which audiences will be most receptive to their messages. We help clients measure and understand the public acceptability and red lines of particular issues; delve into questions around uptake of products and services; and test and tailor campaign messages. Through in-depth qualitative research and wide-reaching surveys, we provide clients with the evidence they need to approach decision makers with authority.

In addition to public opinion research, Lexington Communications offers an evidence-based approach to top-level stakeholder insight. During our fifteen years as the UK’s leading public affairs strategy and communications agency, we have built up a vast network of politicians and sector-specific specialists across a range of industries. Through surveys and depth interviews with these authorities, we drill down into the specific social, political, and regulatory obstacles faced by the client to provide them with actionable insight from key decision-makers.

Our full range of research services, from inception to evaluation, includes:

  • Opinion polling
  • Survey design & data analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Depth & stakeholder interviews
  • Employee and community engagement
  • Benchmarking and monitoring & evaluation
  • Horizon scanning
  • Scenario planning
  • Thought leadership

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